Monday, September 12, 2011

Great Basin Soccer

Saturday was the first soccer game of the season. Zach chose soccer this year. He has been on a team for a few weeks today and the league has not given our team enough players. We are supposed to have 8 to field a team, and they only gave us six. Therefore, we put Raef in a uniform to play with the team. He wanted to play baseball instead.  The other team had 11 kids!  We only had 7.  Needless to say, the kids got tired quickly.  It doesn't help that they still run everywhere the ball is like a big clump.

The good news is that they started to spread out as they got more weary.

Our fearless coach Andy.  He is a parent who so kindly volunteered to coach the team.

We pretty much got annihilated, 5-0.  The important thing is that Zach had fun. I have decided that we may be the worst team, but we are going to have the best snacks.  At least there is something I can do.

1 comment:

likeschocolate said...

Glad Zach had a good time even though you didn't win.

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