Saturday, September 3, 2011

San Francisco? Why Not!

When I was at the park Friday, I just thought that we should go to San Francisco.  I texted Rinar with my proposition. He texted me back and asked why. I replied, "Why not?"

So we went. We stayed in a hotel in Vacaville and the oldest 3 went swimming for a while as I put the little ones to bed.  Eli especially had a blast. He just loved swimming with his Daddy.

Then we were off to San Fran in the morning. Shockingly, it was quite foggy, so we didn't get the good views of the bridge, but we sure did try. There were a lot of Asians at the lookout point. I guess we were quite a spectacle for them because of the blonde hair, especially Julia and Harry in the red wagon. They were taking pictures of them and were touching their hair and stuff.  We really drew a crowd when we took this picture.

The Golden Gate Bridge really is behind us, I promise.

Then we went to get a bite at Mel's Diner. It was pretty good. Rinar got a Monte Cristo, although it was not quite as good as The Gable House monte cristo.

We headed over to Fisherman's Wharf and stayed for about 45 minutes. It was just way too crowded for our little brood.  It is not much fun when you are stressing out about losing little children in a large crowd, on top of the fact that you can't go very fast and you really can't go in any of the cute shops. But it was a beautiful day and the weather was quite nice.

I think we stopped at least 5 times for Eli to go to the bathroom on the way home. This was at the McDonald's in Carson City. He had an epic poopy, so the kids all waited in the car.  Julia had just finished up lollipop #3.

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