Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tender Mercies

A few days ago, my kids had a wonderful faith-building experience. We couldn't find Fablehaven, a wonderful kids book we have been reading to them all summer. We are currently on volume two and they get so excited when it is time to read the book. But their hopes were dashed when we looked everywhere and couldn't find it. So, I just read another book to them instead.

Then next day when their Dad was home, they wanted to read Fablehaven. They looked and couldn't find it. This time they all knelt down and said a prayer, and the next moment they found the book!

My heart just overflows with gratitude to my Father in Heaven for His tender mercies. Yes, it was nice to find the book. But I am so grateful that my kids could experience this because I know it builds their faith. They know that their prayers are answered and that God loves them and is always there for them. I am grateful they found the book because it is teaching them lessons they will take with them throughout their lives. Now is the time to build a testimony of faith and the Lord is taking care of it, one block at a time. He is laying a foundation upon which my kids will need to stand when they go out there into the world.


Cynthia said...

I'm so glad! Great teaching moment.

Earlier this summer we lost the keys to our truck in a public park. The truck was loaded up with thousands of dollars worth of audio gear so my son and I came home (left Hubs there) to try and find a spare key. We looked high and low and couldn't find it. My son and I offered up a prayer and then I felt even MORE pressure to find the key! I hoped his faith would be rewarded and it was.

likeschocolate said...

My boys love these books. I am glad their prayer was answered.

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