Sunday, August 29, 2010

Surprise...You are 40!

How fun is this? A surprise party for Carolyn M. She is 40 on September 1st. Here you have Dwan, Shawn, Jonna, and Jen lighting all of those candles for her. Yep, when you are that old it takes 4 people to get them all lit in a timely manner.

Carolyn must doing a lot of yelling to those six kids of hers because she easily blew out the vast quantity of candles piled on top of that cake. Carolyn, now you see that all that yelling was to prepare you for this momentous occasion in your life.

It was a wild and crazy party...we were so loud and raucous that some of us even ate more than one piece of cake. It was seriously out of control. Especially that lady to the left in the picture with the short brown hair. She was the animal, I tell you.

When there are that many sprinkles and gummy bears, you know the Mormon party is going to be a debaucherous revelry. There was even apple pie and two bundt cakes. I am just sayin'...

Don't you love the signs Carolyn's daughter made for her mom? They were everywhere. So cute.

Here are the girls just before we all passed out from sugar overdose.

I can't remember Carolyn's friend in front on the very left, but there is Elizabeth, Natalie (who is trying to hide behind everyone), Carolyn, Amrayne, ME!, Jen, Sue (my visiting teacher), and then Jonna and Echo in the back.

Happy birthday Carolyn!

But this is the best part of this whole thing. I was looking at our ward email tonight and every month they list the birthdays. I was shocked and horrified to realize my birthday is only a week after Carolyn's. Is it really so soon? Bah!

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