Saturday, August 28, 2010

Benihana Take Home

Cousin BJ called and said he was coming to our house to cook us dinner. I didn't really realize what he meant, but he really came to our house to make us dinner. Lindsay and her kids were over, as we were preparing for our yard sale, and she didn't feel like cooking after all the work we had done. So, she was going to take her kids out to dinner. I invited her to stay for dinner instead.

"Hey, Rinar's cousin is coming here to cook us dinner and I am sure there will be plenty of food. You might as well stay."

So, uh...yeah. My instincts were right about there being enough food. BJ and his dad Jerome stormed into the house, broke out the knives and pans and started cooking. They really went all out making us two delicious dishes, like two chefs from Benihana's. Lindsay and I just sat at the island and watched them cook and cook. They were fast and efficient, cleaned up all their stuff, gave us a hug and kiss and said goodbye. Then they left.

All we were left with was this...

We sat down to a feast and Lindsay and I just ate and ate that shrimp dish. Rinar is allergic to shrimp, hence there was a pork dish as well.


I don't think there are two nicer guys on the planet. They are both totally awesome and it was great having them at our house, even for a little while. Top-notch.

Then today we had our big yard sale.

It was a big success. Four families and lots and lots of stuff. Now all that stuff is gone.

Goodbye stuff!

1 comment:

Angie said...

Delicious! That looks so good!

We had a yard sale on Saturday too. Good bye stuff, good riddance.

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