Saturday, August 21, 2010

His Secret Obsession

This may come as a shock to all of my church friends here in Las Vegas, but I have a bit of juicy gossip for all of you. It is about our new bishop.

That's right...scooch in closer and I will tell you all about it.

Now Bishop M. is my neighbor, so I get to see him quite often. We have become good friends and our families have shared many lovely dinners together and such. But I am a little worried about him right now. I have noticed over the past 6 months or so this strange sort of obsession he has. What better way to help him with it, than to publish it on the world wide web, right? Right? It is all about the love people.

Now you are dying to know what this obsession is, huh? He spends hours working on it, trying his best to perfect it, and then when he is not working on it, he talks about it incessantly. All I am saying is that it is a good thing he doesn't own cats or I would be forced to look at their pictures out of his wallet.

Are you ready for his big secret obsession?

According to our bishop, this is the embodiment of perfection. This is his creation and it is called apple crisp.

Apple crisp.

Apparently, this is his best batch ever. Do you want to know his secret? You see, usually he blends the oatmeal, but of course that makes it too small. So with this batch, he blended everything up and then added the oatmeal afterwards so that it maintains is structural integrity. It makes it SOOOOO much better.

Actually, come to think of it...I think I need to get this picture printed wallet-sized so that he CAN put it in his wallet and show everyone his pride and joy.

Then I could make a calendar.

January - Apples
February - wheat stalks
March - brown sugar
April - Mason jars
May - Pretty bowls
June - shattered corningware (that's another story, but very interesting)
July -stove
August - bowl, wooden spoon, various baking apparatus
September - structurally sound oats
October -Apple crisp in an orange bowl
November - Apple crisp next to pumpkin pie
December - Apple crisp in creche, next to the baby Jesus

I think I now know what he is dreaming about when he is sitting on the stand at church on Sundays. Oops...did I say that?

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