Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's About Bacon

I actually made a grocery list, searched for coupons, and went shopping today. The amazing thing is that I stuck to the list. I even made a menu for the week. What is wrong with me??

I found a coupon for bacon and so it got me thinking about bacon. (Yes, I really do occupy my time thinking about things like this.)

I am going to unequivocally state that bacon is the perfect food. Would you dare to disagree with me? I have spent a lot of time thinking about this very important subject and this is the conclusion I have made. Bacon is perfect. It goes with everything. If you are cooking something and you want to spice it up, don't over think it. Just put some bacon on it, and you are set.

Hamburgers with bacon. Uh...hello? Yeah!

Pasta salad, tuna sandwiches, garden salad, green beans, broccoli, eggs, steak. Yes, yes, yes. I really could go on and on.
Let me just illustrate my point here. My menu this week includes pasta shells, vegetable soup, steak and potatoes, and chicken crescent rolls. Now picture some bacon on with every single dish. Take the yum and add a my to that. Yum-my.

Bacon even goes well with chocolate cake, yogurt, chocolate chip cookies. Why not? Take that bite of cake. Swish it around in your mouth. Now chase it down with some bacon. You're not hating it, are you?

Please tell me a food that would not be compatible with bacon. I can't think of anything.

And in a completely different and totally unrelated topic, I told Rinar yesterday that I really need to lose about 10 pounds. Too much flab around my mid-section.

Totally unrelated to my bacon thoughts.

But do you think they could make some kind of bacon perfume? {sniff, sniff} Aahhhhh!


Lisa H said...

haha...I saw on the food channel they had specialty donuts topped with bacon. So I'm with ya on this one! :)

Cynthia said...

My kids are bacon obsessed (but it must be Hormel Black Label). Now that we have garden tomatoes, I am ALSO bacon obsessed because who couldn't love a BTC (bacon, tomato and cheese) sandwich!?

Josh said...

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normakimokeo said...

Funny! Have you heard the commediene Kevin James do his monolgue on bacon? It is HILARIOUS! you two could just bat off each other. You are one funny lady! And how about that -- they want to post your blog somewhere?? I'm not surprised...I love your blog and read it faithfully!

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