Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Roofing Relocation

One nice thing about having a condo in St. George is that you have an air conditioned abode when your roof is getting repaired.

We finally decided to take the plunge and get our roof repaired. In Las Vegas, many of the houses have the A/C units on the roofs, to save land space, since yards are so small. We have one of those houses. Another thing about this design is that pigeons love it because they create an entire community under those A/C units, enjoying the free cold air and shelter they get there.

Hence, our roof had a bird cage around the units to keep the pigeons out. The problem is that the genius who put the cage on top of the roof did not put rubber washers in between the post and the roof where he had drilled many holes. This was done at least 7 years ago and only in the last year has it started to show the leak on our bedroom ceiling. It only rains here about 3-4 times a year and even that is not always significant. It takes a while for the problem to unmask. The roof repair was not that expensive, but removing the A/C units to fix it doubled the price of the repair. Awesome, huh? And a non-air conditioned house in August in the Mojave desert is not appealing, so we got out of town. Luckily Rinar was out of town as well, so it worked out perfectly.

While we were in St. George we had dinner with my good friend from Atlanta, Debbie L., who now lives there with her 3 girls. It was fun to be able to hang out again. The babies had lots of fun in her yard and I got these magnificent shots of them on the hammock. I almost look like a photographer. Isn't the lighting to die for? Rinar would just die with the condition of the kids. They were so dirty. Lollipops and babies don't mix very well.

But cuteness just shines through all the dirt!

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