Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saint George Townhouse

Several months ago, Rinar and I decided to do a little bit of investing in the real estate market, because everything is on clearance these days. The problem is, I don't want to be a landlord and I don't want to have to pack my stuff and move. It is just too much work. Therefore, we decided to find a place in St. George, Utah.

Why St. George?

Well, it is less than two hours from here. It is completely different from here, and both of us have lots of family that live there. Hence, we are there practically once a month anyways, so it is a place we will use.

We looked at several properties in the downtown area and settled on this one.

It was a short-sale property. We put an offer on the place in February and hoped for the best.

Finally, yesterday it became official! It is a fantastic property right next to the park and the temple. We couldn't be more excited.

Yep, the temple is behind us and we are close to the main city park.

This is Vernon Worthen Park and it is where they have the finish line for the St. George Marathon. There are also festivals, tournaments, and other cool things that happen here. They have a neat playground, a rodeo, and a rec center across the street. Of course, the temple is the most beautiful building in town and the townhouse is in its shadow.

Now it is going to be so much easier to make a weekend trip to St. George. As it stands right now, it is quite an ordeal to pack up stuff for 5 kids and 2 adults in order to stay over for even one day. A lot of times we would just drive up and back in a day because of that very reason.

St. George is where our roots are, so no matter where we go or if we were to ever move somewhere because of work, we will always come back to St. George often. This was another good reason to get a property.

I am also excited to have a decorating project. This place has so many possibilities. I am giddy. I really want to try to decorate and furnish the whole thing with yard sale and thrift store finds and still make it fabulous. But we are not skimping on the beds. Those are going to be new. This girl needs her beauty sleep.

So, for all of my friends and family out there, mi casa es su casa. Once Rinar and I get this place livable, we would love to have you come stay here. I don't want it to lay fallow, that is for sure. The more the merrier. It is like that darn swimming pool. I hate having a pool that does not get used. If it doesn't get used, then what am I spending my money on anyways?

Payment for townhouse usage will be a few honey-dos. We have got to whip this place into shape. What? Did you think you would get to stay here for free?


Meridy said...

How exciting!!! It looks really cute from the front. ;)

Meridy said...

ps. I LOVE the blue door. I hope you don't change it. ;)

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