Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Potty Time

I really don't know what to say. For some reason, Eli has decided he wants to use the potty. He led the charge yesterday and started using his potty like crazy. He must have done #1 about 8 times. He kept sitting on his little potty and peeing over and over again. We would get excited and then go and dump it in the toilet and flush it away. Then he just sat right down on his own and had a bowel movement. It was pretty good. It required no coaxing or bribery. He just did it.

I looked at him sitting there and realized what he had done. I squealed with delight and his eyes lit up and he got really excited. Eli was excited that I was excited. It was so much fun. We flushed that stinky thing down the toilet and called Dad.

Throughout the day, he continued to go. But you know how capricious a two year-old can be, so I didn't know what today would bring.

I'll be darned, he has already gone 3 times, including another bowel movement. I am completely and utterly amazed. Can it really be this easy?

As for Harry, he has reached a milestone of his own: two new teeth on the bottom. His very first! Plus, he is feeling better. That is a relief.


Angie said...

Awesome! Good job Eli! You need something this easy. I wish Kate would get a clue about the potty.

Bethany said...

Good Job Eli! I have Heard that you guys are moving to St.George! Yay! Also you need to change you blog title. You now have Julia! Missn' you.

Kelly said...

No, we are not moving to St. George. Sorry!

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