Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chronicles of a Terrible Two-Year Old Revisited

So in conclusion to our nightly bed time battle routine, the next day I had to do it all again. I repeatedly put my cute little pumpkin pie to bed...over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Did I say repeatedly? Oh yeah, I did.

The little monster, excuse me, adorable little monster was so stubborn. Holy cow. He could barely keep his eyes open and yet, he would consistently come out of his room. I spanked him, cajoled him, lovingly caressed him, firmly reprimanded him, but it still did not matter. I started this process at 6:30pm because I knew he was tired. It did not matter.

Finally things settled down at about 9:00pm. Then it was really quiet and I went to check on him. And I'll be darned, this is what I found.

He was sound asleep in the hallway on the floor. So, did I win or did he?

Rinar came home on Thursday with a new solution.

Which was accompanied by this...He installed it and then installed Eli inside the room. There was a lot of banging and screaming but it sounded like the choirs of heaven.

{cue "Choirs of Heaven" music}


The next night came with a lot less resistance and just resolution, really. He knew he couldn't get out and he knew we were not coming for him. But in a final act of defiance.

Yes, he is sound asleep.

He is two after all.


Nadja said...

This story is sooo funny!!!! (not for you probably). I love the way you write your blog :)

Kelly said...

In retrospect, it is very funny.

Terresa said...

Oh, the little hand under the door. And the thumb sucking curled up in a diaper pic is mmmm, so cute!

It was good seeing you yesterday at the baptism. Love your singing voice!

Meridy said...

That last picture is hilarious!

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