Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Kid Report

Raef can now wear my shoes and I am actually telling my eight-year old son not to wear my good running shoes. That is, when he remembers to wear shoes at all. Several times now he has gotten in the car sans shoes. Grrr! I scold him and remind him that he is 8! Do I really have to tell an 8 year-old to put shoes on? Really? Seriously?

Zach still has his head in the clouds. I punched him in the arm today pretty hard when he put his fingers in Julia's mouth again, for the 5000th time! He smooches her to death on the mouth or puts his fingers in her mouth. Grrr! I scold him over and over again to leave her alone. Will he ever learn? Really? Seriously?

Eli went to the doctor today. He had an ear infection and a cough which meant two prescriptions. On the way home from the pharmacy he fell asleep in the car. He never falls asleep in the car. And speaking of cars, the kid is obsessed with them. He found a pink scripture bag and stuffed it full of cars and carries it around everywhere. Or he has a car in his hands at all times. He has Zach hoarding tendencies. He also has picked up a horrible habit of sucking his thumb and putting his pointer finger up his nostril, his boogery nostrils. Then those boogers end up caked on to the top of his nose. Ew? How do I get him to stop? Really? Seriously?

Harry is now a crawler and just a lovable little baby. He now has a thing for this little red monkey with a yellow face and blue hands. It was a doll that Zach sucked on when he weighed about 5 pounds. Harry loves it and sucks on it. I tried to take it away and feed him and my once happy and content baby started screaming for it. Is it really time for him to start caring about this kind of stuff? Really? Seriously?

Julia is just a little doll. I call her Miss J., Missy Moo, Jules, and Julie-lah. She is eating solid foods now quite well, thank you very much. She has two little teeth on the bottom of her mouth. She loves her binky! She can also roll over to her stomach pretty well, but does not really roll from her stomach to her back, though she can do it when she is mad enough. She is a princess and I think she knows it. Unfortunately, when she is laying on the ground sucking her binky and minding her own business, Harry will crawl over to her and rudely take her binky out of her mouth. I could say really? seriously? right now, but who are we kidding. He is only 7 months old. He can't help it. Plus he has the biggest smile on the planet so I will cut him some slack. Really. Seriously!

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