Friday, May 7, 2010

An Early Mother's Day Surprise

Rinar had a surprise for me today. He didn't go to work, let me sleep in and arranged for babysitting for all of the kids for the whole day!

Whoa, right? Yep, my sweet husband. We went to the gym and did a Body Pump class together, then grabbed some lunch afterwards. Then we went home and got all cleaned up to go to the temple. Before we left Rinar surprised me with a wonderful present, a new temple dress. I have used my old one for about 14 years now. I found it for $2 at Deseret Industries in Salt Lake City. Everytime we would go to the temple, I would always think to myself that I should really buy a new dress, but once we were done I would forget. This has been going on for years now. Luckily, Rinar remembered for me. He picked out a beautiful dress while he was in Albuquerque that fits me perfectly.

We headed over to the temple and did a session together. It was really wonderful to be there with him. Afterwards, he gave me a letter he wrote to me telling me how much he loves me. It was so sweet. Apparently, I had written him a letter 10 years ago telling him how much I loved him. I completely forgot about it and I had no idea he kept it and has read it lots of times over the years. That was a nice surprise.

Anyways, I came home to five very happy children. Eli was so excited to see me and he even gave me a big hug. That makes my heart sing. See, I guess he really does love me after all.


likeschocolate said...

Happy Mother's Day! What a perfect gift!

Southern Kiwi said...

Great story Kelly! Way to go Rinar :o)

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