Thursday, August 27, 2009

Updates and a Little Crisis

I forgot to do my pregnancy update this week. I had an appointment with Dr. Sauter on Monday and that is when I get weighed. I came in at a whopping 194 lbs. However, the last time I was weighed, a month ago, I weighed 192, so I really lost weight. How? Okay, this is my reasoning. The babies have been gaining over a pound each every 4 weeks. Yes, they are getting bigger and heavier, but I got a tiny bit lighter. Yeah for me! So, I am heavier, but really I am lighter. It makes perfect sense doesn't it?

Everything is looking good. I only have one more ultrasound, scheduled for next 32 week ultrasound. Then I am done with those infernal things. Hallelujiah! After that, it sounds like I will have to go in once a week and get monitored for one hour to make sure the babies are doing well. I can handle that. I will just continue reading the ginormous book I am working on right now, a tome by George Eliot called Middlemarch. It is interesting, but very detailed. I am determined to finish it.

We had a little bit of excitement last night. My wonderful husband decided to take the boys on a weekend trip to an exotic location: San Antonio, Texas.

He picked this city because it has the biggest water park in the country, the Schlitterbahn. They have been excited about going for weeks now. Last night, he was checking on things and then came to a horrible realization. It is not open on Friday. No amusement park is open on Friday. {{gasp!!}}

We started to scramble. They intended on flying there today, going to the water park all day Friday, and half the day Saturday. The park is open on Saturday, thankfully. The only solution was to either find another water park that was open or extend the trip by one day. I did some research and saw that there was a park open in Southern California. But Rinar decided to just extend the trip by one day.

So, tomorrow he is going to take the kids, with Uncle Nordel, to a drive-thru safari. The animals come right up to your car and you can feed them. It looks really awesome and I think the kids will love it. They are also going to love flying on an airplane. So, with one entire day at the water park and another day doing fun things around San Antonio, the trip should be a wonderful experience for all of them.

So, its just me and Eli for the next three days.


Angie said...

I just have one comment, well maybe a couple. What is with that picture of Sam Houston, I mean Rinar?
Have fun on the trip boys and Kelly on your stay-cation. And congrats on the weigh in.

Cynthia said...

That is going to be awesome! What cool memories they'll be making with their 'guys only' weekend.

Glad you losta little weight- it all made PERFECT sense to me!

Kelly said...

That is his genius picture Angie...I thought is was very appropriate for the situation, don't you think?

Plus it cracks me up everytime I see it.

Lanell said...

Sounds like such a fun trip!

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