Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dina Titus FIGHTS Special Interests and Lobbyists...POW POW!!!

Okay, I have tried to resist it, but I can't help it. I have to get a little political here for a minute. It has been on my mind all the time lately. With the health care debate ratcheting up significantly, the inevitable radio ads soon follow. There is one that has been running in support of our esteemed freshman congresswoman Dina Titus. It extols her virtues and brags that she has fought hard against the special interests and lobbyists.

What the @#$%?

What does that mean exactly? Is there anyone else out there who is sick and tired of all of the catchphrases that politicians use that really have no substantive meaning to them? This is a bipartisan accusation on my part. It is like the people that go in for an interview and when the interviewer asks them what their biggest weakness is, they say something lame like,"I am a perfectionist" or "I work too hard sometimes."

Really? Seriously?

Let's be real here people. Dina Titus has fought the special interest groups. Which ones, for crying out loud? Which groups need to be fought? Which lobbyists have you told to go live down in a van by the river? Names PLEASE! This rhetoric is getting old and it is so contrived. Everyone knows that politicians get wined and dined by the evil special interests groups. Politicians cater to them, kowtow to them, and kiss their rear ends whenever they get the chance. You know those Washington elitists go on "fact-finding" missions to exotic Caribbean locations or fancy skiing junkets. We all know they do it. No ones' hands are clean here.

So lets just stop with all the bologna about fighting the special interests and lobbyists. It is getting old and so incredibly cliche. GAG!

Can we get a real resume on the radio? For instance, if I were to tout my incredible mothering skills, my commercial might go something like this...

"Kelly, incredible mother of 3 rambunctious boys. She has a very strong, clear voice that can be heard down the street as she kindly corrects bad behavior. Kelly works hard to keep the big knives away from the one year-old and off of perilous ledges. She home schools her twin 7 year-olds on her bed so she can lay down and nap in between questions. Her house is clean...okay....well, anyways. Kelly, a mother you can trust for our community. Call Kelly now at (800) 555-1234 and tell her to keep up the good job."


Cynthia said...

That made me laugh! My sister is the District Director for a Freshman Congressman (I don't use his name because I know how google alerts works- be assured someone from Dina's staff will read your post and the comments. They won't SAY anything but they will read it).

Her boss won because he had grassroots support the likes of which the vast majority in congress cannot conceive of. This means he doesn't need to raise as much money to win because instead of getting easy money from special interest groups (and he DOES get some money from selected groups- just LESS of it than others) he has a volunteer work force of real people.

In any case, that makes him more available to do mundane things like, oh, say READ bills! He's been told by other Reps. that on average a rep must earn $10,000 per week for campaign contributions to stay in office. To do that, they have to meet with those groups and listen to spiels and make promises. Leaves them with too little time to do the job they're supposed to be doing. Seriously messed up.

And yes- the 2 lb. baby thing was ROUGH!

Cynthia said...
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Kelly said...

Hey, I specifically put her name in there so they would read it. I hope she does, and all I can say is..."Hello, Dina Titus people."

Melanie said...

You go girl.

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