Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eli's In Nursery Now

Whoa...he is actually 18 months old and officially the latest member of the Sunset Ward nursery. I walked him to the door, he ran in, he didn't turn around or anything.

Where are the toys, people? I just had to endure over an hour of yip yapping in Sacrament meeting. I need toys. Stay out of my way and you won't get hurt.

This is Eli with his nursery leader. She might see this picture and get really mad at me because she didn't want to be in it. I said, "Who is going to see? Just me and my kids?

Oh please. I forgot that I blog and would inevitably post it on the world wide web. She is bound to see it, so forgive me Danielle. I honestly didn't do it on purpose, but you are the nursery leader and this is a big day for him, and I do have to share it with all of my friends and family. Plus, you look adorable. So you will be okay, right? I love you and hope you will let him come back next week.

When I picked him up, I asked her how he did. She said he did great, except that he likes to stand on chairs. Really? I am shocked! I can't believe it! My Eli likes to stand on chairs. He would never do that...not in a million years. He so much better behaved than that. I don't believe it. It just isn't possible.

We also had a special visitor to church today, Caleigh and her family. They just moved to South Dakota from Vegas. Who actually does that? Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise, so I just had to try to get a picture of them.

Oh well, I tried.


Meet the Robertsons said...

YAY for 18 months!!! Congrats to Eli on doing great in nursery. It was so nice seeing you guys again. I wish we could have stayed longer & had both Eli & Caleigh in nursery together, but at least they got to play a little bit in the halls during Sacrament Meeting :)

Lauren said...

Congrats to Eli (and you and Rinar, of course). So nice! I'm glad he went right in and liked it! How was "church-as-usual" for you? Did you feel like you needed a stroll in the hallway? ;)

Dan and Danielle Bollard said...

Hey Kelly! I am not mad that you posted my picture! That was sweet to mention me. Eli is going to do great in Nursery, I will just make sure there are no chairs around... :-)

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