Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eli's First Haircut

The time has come to get the first haircut. {boo hoo, sob, sob}. Let me pull myself together. My baby is growing up. Plus, his hair was getting very lopsided on his left. It had to be cut. It had to be evened out.

Rinar is going to be really happy when he sees it. He has been pestering me for about 6 months to cut the child's hair. I delayed for two reasons. One is because they just look older when the hair gets cut and also, it was a little payback for Raef and Zach.

You see, many years ago I went out of town for two days to go to a wedding. Rinar stayed with our little one-year old twins at the time. I was anxious to make sure to take lots of pictures when I cut their hair. Rinar decided to butcher cut their hair while I was away. It looked terrible and I didn't even get a single picture. I was a little bit bitter. So I decided to wait as long as possible with Eli. Fair is fair.


Meridy said...

They do look older don't they? He looks great though!

Rinar said...

Wow - that hurt. I didn't know you were so bitter about the twins haircut... and that you've held it in all these years. Let me say it again, as any good husband would... I'm sorry, so so sorry.

You have to admit, Eli looks AWSEOME! Thanks for surprising me in a good way to pay me back.

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