Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dina Titus Healthcare Protest

Well, we found something to do today.

And we made it into the news....

I read yesterday that there would be a protest at Dina Titus' office, which is right by our house. We got there right on time only to find out that Ms. Titus had sent an email yesterday afternoon at 4:30pm informing people that she would be at an Albertson's 15 minutes from her office. The rally started at 12pm and she was at the Albertson's from 11-1pm.

When we got there, the crowds had gathered on either side of the street. The 'angry mob' of concerned citizens facing the Albertson's and the paid unionized marble heads blocking the entrance to see her. The ratio was about 4-1 on the right side, protesting Socialized Healthcare.

I didn't try to go in to see her but apparently you could talk to her if you went in and got a number. Then maybe you would be lucky enough to talk to Her Majesty. Why in the world do you have a meeting with constituents at Albertson's? Seriously? What is the deal people? There were lots of police there to protect her from us that was a relief. They seemed amused by the whole affair, really.

I told my friend about the rally and she did try to go in to see Dina Titus. As she tried to enter the building, a belligerent lady would not move out of her way. She asked the lady to please move, and then the lady pushed her a little bit. Finally, my friend was able to get inside after the blockader accused my friend of pushing her. Once inside, she was able to talk to a staffer, Cameron Asgarian, who then told her that there were paid protesters on both sides of the aisle, hence the reason that they had the police there.

Is Dina Titus THAT delusional to think that BOTH sides were paid? How far up Harry Reid's butt is she, anyways? I stood on the anti-healthcare side and I can guarantee you that not one person was paid. There is no way. They were regular people with honest concerns about the direction this country is taking. Look at the pictures I took. Do these look like paid protesters?

Look...a paid protester.

And another one!!!

"They" paid all of the grandmas to come out to this thing. It was a grandma invasion...terrifying!

Hey, when the money is good, you have to protest. Thanks big business, big oil, big pharmaceuticals for the dough. We all needed some pocket change to pay for our yachts.

Dina Titus, do you really think anyone paid me and my family to come? What planet are you on? Oh, that's right...Planet Washington D.C. Now I remember.

All 20 of the pro-Obama side were chanting and half of them didn't even have signs about was stuff about a green planet and energy and something about rich people. Like I said, MARBLE HEADS!!!

Notice how they are conspicuously blocking the entrance to the grocery store. There were tables on the other side of the windows. It think that the throne was over there somewhere.

The girl in the high heels and pink boas feathers was trying to make a point about rich people. It was so profound that everyone on our side was scratching our heads. Rich people? Do we look like rich people? Somebody said that this little group of rich-people haters drove up to the rally in a limousine. How cute.

The right side...more were showing up after I took this picture.

No Obamacare!!

Look at this evil-mongering mobsters. Call the police!! I think he liked all of the moronic was like bedtime music.

Here is a little flavor of the atmosphere...

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