Saturday, November 22, 2008

Victory...Nuff Said

After a leisurely morning, I fed my baby, checked my email, and then put on my running shoes to get a nice run in while the weather was so nice. I opened my front door and this is what I saw.

It was like peeling an onion. Everytime I turned around there was another one.
And another one... And another one... And you guessed it...

Rinar decided to redecorate so he added a UTAH to the front door and Cuba to the sign "Brigham for President of Cuba" and various other things. He also parked the black car in the garage and put our beautiful red tahoe in the driveway instead.
Later in the day, we watched the game with our friends. They are all BYU fans: Jared and Melanie, Stan and Amy, Dwan and Elizabeth, and Dennis H. It was a lot of fun. Mainly because Rinar and I could watch all of their sorry faces and sorry excuses as Utah walloped them. YEEHAW! Victory is the sweetest revenge of

Poor Jared, amazed at the quick, unfumbling moves of Brian Johnson, stellar kicking of Louie Sakoda, and in-your-face defense of Utah's front line.

And this is Jared later in the game.

And here is our head-decorator Melanie. She is my good luck charm, now.
A room full of losers, minus Rinar and Eli, of course.

Final score...

BYU 24 - UTAH 48

We are going to the BCS. I hope it is the Fiesta Bowl.


Anonymous said...

I love it honey... pretty much exactly what I would have said. This sure does make a very Happy Anniversary, doesn't it... love ya.

Julie & Chris Tandy said...

GO REBELS!! (I wouldn't have fit in at your party at all!)

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