Monday, November 17, 2008

Eli's First Sick Day and a Rant!!!

Yep, it's official. Eli is sick today. This is a first: in spite of two brief runny noses in the past, Eli had a temperature today. He was a lot fussier than normal, and wanted to be held all the time. He also took 3 naps today, instead the normal two.

Luckily, Amy saved me today and took Raef and Zach to our co-op. I stayed home and did stuff around the house while Eli slept.
Can I hear a big aaaaahhhhh?

Eli says thanks in advance for all of your sympathy. I think he is starting to feel better, so hopefully tomorrow he will be on the road to recovery.

We also drove through the The Gift of Lights at Sunset Park. It was exceptionally lame, but very free. Therefore it didn't bother me... much.

ATTENTION: Rant is coming your way.

Is it just me or does it bother anyone else that every year Christ is taken out of Christmas more and more in favor of Santa, Reindeer, and an annoying little snowman named Frosty. Don't believe me? Turn your radio station to the Christmas channel and listen to about 5 songs. Not one of them will be about Jesus Christ. Lots of stuff on snow, lights, santa, reindeer, chipmunks, and that Beatle dude that just put an X right through the most important part of the word Christmas.

I remember sitting in my bedroom window, when I was a teenager, staring at the Christmas display across the street. It completely fascinated me. My neighbor had a very simple Nativity scene. Oh, how I loved it. I would listen to beautiful, sacred Christmas music and dream about the presents I would give and receive. It made me feel so good to be alive, and for a little baby in a manger.
What message do we send to kids these days? It's all about the toys and no matter how much you have, there is always more stuff to get...more, moRE, MORE!!! I get exhausted just thinking about it.
It isn't even Christmas and the santa music is annoying me already.

Season's Greetings, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hannukah.
But, but, you hear Merry Christmas?
No, {gasp}, how could one utter such a scandalous phrase? So, unless you are Jewish, I am not accepting any greetings except Merry Christmas this year. If someone says, "Happy Holidays" while I am checking out at a store, I am putting them in their place. It is all nonsense...absolute nonsense. And even if someone is Jewish, why in the world would they be offended if I said Merry Christmas? It certainly would not be offensice if they said Happy Hannukah to me. Big deal.

News flash people...Christmas is about Jesus Christ.

Yep, this man right here. He, who has saved us all.

Not Frosty...

Not Santa...

Not Rudolph...

Or that annoying Beatle guy.

So let me be the first to tell you this holiday season...



Meridy said...

Amen to your rant! And I hope for you and Eli that Eli feels better soon. ;)

Eve said...

Off topic: How did you get those little check boxes near the comments at the bottom of the blog post for people to put their reactions?

Eve said...

Thanks! That was something I never would have found. super cool.

Nadja said...

Schöne Weihnachten!

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