Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Blog is Better Than a Spanking

I have just created a very effective weapon for prevention of excessive crying in my house. It is called --- THE BLOG!

Yep, you heard right. The blog is an effective anti-crying mechanism. Now, it does not work on humans younger than six-years old. But it most definitely does work.

Why, you may ask? Well, let me put it this way. When you have a child who cares what other people think and you can create a world-wide audience to publicly humiliate them, they dry those tears very quickly.

We played Apples-to-Apples this morning.

(yes, this was their "school" today...and I am completely satisfied that it covers grammar, reading, logic, and spelling)

My kids apparently don't like to lose. So when Zach had accumulated quite a few more green cards than Raef, and it was looking pretty grim for Raef and his chances, he started to ball like a little baby. He couldn't stop. He couldn't help himself. I was disgusted with his poor-sportsmanship. Then with the next game, Zach was lagging woefully behind and he started to cry profusely. I just started laughing so hard and realized I had to get it on the camera. Unfortunately, the battery was dead! I missed the moment. But I charged it and then got it ready for the next explosion. The kids realized what I was doing, and then surprisingly enough, they were very happy when Mom was winning or when their brother was winning. I didn't even have to tell them I was going to put it on my blog. Raef just assumed that is what I was going to do-so he straightened up quickly.

I had harnessed a new, untapped power and I began to realize the implications of it. Because about 30 minutes later it was time to practice the violin. When Raef gets frustrated, he completely collapses backwards on the couch arm and it makes the practice drag on and on. It is so frustrating...but not today. He did it one time and screamed in protest because the part was too hard. I calmly got up and got the camera.

It was magical. He decided he could conquer the tough section of the violin piece and that he really didn't need to collapse.

From now on, the camera is going to be a faithful partner at all violin practices...and any other activity where it might be useful.

I may catch them acting ridiculous somewhere, and you will get to enjoy the spectacle. Don't worry. I am sure it will be coming very soon.


Lanell said...

Kelly you are a genius! I think I might try the BLOG technique.

Anna-Liisa said...

Kellie I love the new parenting Technique. I too may be utilizing during Saturday chores...WOW

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