Sunday, November 16, 2008

Deer, Oh Dear

We went to Hurricane, Utah Friday night and stayed all day Saturday.

"Why?" you may ask.


Yep, Rinar helped his brother Lyf process a deer all day. Lyf is the hunter-man and he got a big one this season. Then one of his friends gave him a deer he didn't want. There was a lot and it must have taken them 10 hours to do about 100 lbs. of meat. They made hamburger and bottled meat. It was quite an ordeal. They both worked really hard. While they worked, I went to the temple and helped out with the kids a bit. Our boys had a ball playing with his girls. They played outside all day. The highlights were bug-catching, seed-gathering and labeling, fire-building, and joy-riding in a Rhino.

And can you guess what we had for dinner tonight?

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