Friday, April 18, 2008

Pizza Night

It has become a tradition. Every once in a while we invite over our friends from church and make pizzas. We put out a dozen toppings or so and fire up the oven. I make pizza dough and try to keep pizzas going in and out of the oven so everyone gets one made in a timely fashion. Our friends Dwan and Elizabeth have three boys, Alex, Christopher, and Josh and one girl, Grace. It is a lot of fun. They like to play billiards and ping pong and sometimes we will watch a movie.

Tonight we decided to play a game called "Ticket to Ride". They had never played it before and so after a few go arounds, everyone was really getting into it. I had gotten all of my cards and was getting ready to build like crazy and get lost of points. That is until Josh knocked over his water right onto the board. Yikes! There was water everywhere. Darn it. So I went up and fed Eli. It is probably a good thing that the game ended so abruptly, because I think Eli had been crying for a while, poor guy. It was okay once he got some food. Then he was content.

I thought they would have left, but when I went downstairs they had started a new game. I am glad they were able to play an entire game. "Ticket to Ride" is really fun. I am sure we will have to play again.

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Joanie said...

Kelly ~

You left a comment on my blog a week or so ago... My apologies for not getting back to you sooner, but our remodel project takes most of our time. Here's a few websites to check out if you're planning to visit Seattle. Vancouver, BC has some great destinations too and it's easy to do a search to find out "what's happening"...

Annual festival for our area ~ best weather time is late July - September (September is the best time to vacation if you're homeschooling; better rates and all the school kids are back in school leaving more room for you and your family to enjoy).

SeaFair weekend with the hydro races and the Blue Angels is always the first weekend of August. Usually the Navy has ships to tour on the Seattle waterfront, as well.

Woodland Park Zoo is fabulous for families:

Seattle Aquarium:

Pacific Science Center:

Hope this helps you get started! Right now, we're having unseasonably cold spring weather ~ in fact it snowed just north of Seattle last night. We're all praying for spring and summer to arrive...

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