Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Don't Mess With the Muscle Girl!

I have been getting my butt to thegym pretty regularly now for the past month. I take a class called Body Pump, and I really like it. After the class, I decided to run with Melanie on the track upstairs. We planned on running one mile. On lap four there were three teenage twits who decided to walk side-by-side at a leisurely teenage pace and block the entire track for everyone else. The first time we were nice and yelled at them nicely to move. Melanie made it past them without any problem, but I ran into the girl as I was trying to weave my way through their little barrage of hormones. After another lap we once again approached a wall of teenage twittiness on the other side of the track. So, this time I really yelled at them "MOVE!" and "GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!" I was really nice :) . As soon as we ran past them the girl yells out "Suck my d%@&!". Melanie asked me, "Did she just say that?" and I reassured her that that is what she heard.

On the next lap they had gotten off the track and gave us the ooh-so-scary stared down and I was determined to have some words with them when I finished. So, when my mile was done, I went to find an employee and was only able to muster up a petite blonde girl. I pulled her over to the teens who were now on machines. I tapped the girl on the shoulder and said, "Is there something you want to say to me?" After a brief discussion, she hedged and said that she didn't say that to me, but to her friend. Right! Then he chimed in to say that I was rude and I fired back that they were rude for walking so slow on the track blocking all the lanes. They need to learn how to read the signs and stay to the right. Then I told them they need to get some manners if they are going to be at the gym.

Don't mess with me. I had a lot of adrenaline in my system and I have children...nothing scares me!

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