Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Baby is Crying...But I am Blogging

I want to post my adorable children playing their violin at their last recital. Unfortunately, Raef's is a mere snippet because we ran out of memory, but you can hear all of Zach's...
This is from Christmas time, so they have moved on quite a ways from this piece. Zach is working on Minuet 3 by Bach, and that leaves him only "Happy Farmer" and "Gavotte" and then he will start book number 2.
Raef is now working on Minuet 1 by Bach and he can play it all the way through. They both seem to enjoy playing the violin. I enjoy watching them reach new milestones and I see improvement on an almost daily basis. I used to be able to play all the things they did, but I don't think I can anymore, especially on those tiny violins.
**Okay, for some reason my video will not post. That is a bummer. I will have to tape them playing their violins and then I can share it later.

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