Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Soothing Cry

I am such a slug. Every minute of every second I took pictures of my twins. I have sooooo many. I think I have gotten the camera out 3 times for Eli. I just think to myself, "Well, he really looks about the same as he did last month. I mean, he just sits there and stares at stuff." So, today I made a special effort to get some pictures of him. He weighs over 16 pounds now. Yikes. He is my big fat sack of potatoes, as I affectionately refer to him.

He does make that face when he is not happy. I call it the pirate face. He makes it a lot when Zach maules him with incessant kisses. I think Eli starts to get annoyed. Cute, huh? The picture of him in the swing is a typical face for him. It is really his essence right now. He doesn't really cry too much.

However, I have realized that I don't remember what the twins sounded like when they cried. So I decided to take a little video of Eli crying, for everyone to enjoy. There is nothing like the sound of a crying baby to soothe the soul, eh?

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