Monday, April 7, 2008

A No School Day

It is Monday and school was out today. I woke up a little before 7am to feed Eli and then I was up for the day, even though I did not want to be, compliments of the baby. Yet, by the time I really got things going it was approaching 10am and it was time to go to the park. We usually go to playgroup on Mondays, so that is what I decided to do. The boys had a lot of fun at Green Valley park. They really wanted to take their bicycles, and I really made Raef's day by shoving his new, larger bike into the back of the Tahoe. Then Zach asked so nicely if he could take his bug catcher, which is currently occupied by a very dead and very squished cockroach. It made him happy that I said yes to that too.

We got home from the park at around 1pm and I had already faithfully made my appointment at the gym. I have got to lose the baby fat so that I can start wearing clothes with no elastic. So, we ate lunch, and I fed Eli, and then we were off again to LVAC. Hey, I ran 20 minutes today without stopping, and I pushed it hard at the end so that I can get faster and so I won't always be stuck in 2nd gear. We returned home at 4pm and I had to feed the baby again, make dinner, and then race off to the city pool to find out about a tryout for the boys so that they can do competitive swimming. They couldn't try out because they have to learn the strokes, but I now have a new goal. I need to teach them the strokes so I can get them in a sport that will tire them out and get them stronger. I have my work cut out for me.

We ended the night at Dairy Queen. Yummy! And by the way, Raef really loves ice cream. He finished his cone lickety split, then helped Rinar and I finish our blizzard, and then he got mad at Zach, because Zach would not give him a bite of his cone. I think Raef is made of sugar.

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