Monday, March 10, 2014

School School School

This past week was all about education. I did an audit of Raef and Zach's progress and realized that they were lagging behind in a few things. Therefore, I counted everything out and divvied it up based on the number of weeks we have left.  All of their schoolwork must get completed before May 28. And this is the first year these kids have to take an end of year state exam. The pressure is on. They worked hard to complete all of their assignments, plus a little bit more. We were pretty much hermits, working hard to get the momentum rolling.

I also am going to start doing more "school" with my little ones. Harry begs me all the time to do school. He just loves it. He loves workbooks and assignments and attacks it all with gusto.  We did a bunch of different stuff on Wednesday and in this picture, they wrote their names at the top of the sheet they did. I was pretty impressed.

I also broke down and got a tablet with the express intent of using it to supplement their education. Instead of plunking them in front of the television to keep them quiet while I help Raef and Zach, I am going to plunk them in front of the tablet where they can practice letters, sounds, reading, and math. Might as well take advantage of technology, right?

And Eli was very proud of this cargo plane he built. He insisted on the picture.

Rinar had a long week of work again, gone to the nether regions of the western United States. But we were really glad to see him again. Noelle was especially happy to see her daddy.

And man, oh man. Noelle has really entered phase two of babyhood. She is starting to "get" places some way or another. I don't even know how. She is also started to grab things and puts everything in her mouth. Now the pressure is on to keep the floor clear of all potentially deadly items.  

As if I didn't have enough to do...

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NormaKimokeo said...

While you are in the throes of parenting you may not see it, but I think you are the BEST MOM EVER!! I admire you so much; I often sing your praises to my friends (you're practically famous in Hawaii. Ha!).
Keep up the good work!

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