Monday, March 24, 2014

Noelle is Filling Out

Oh, my. Look how much Noelle has grown. She is approaching six months-old now and she has really filled out.  She is rolling over from her back to her stomach lickety-split and sometimes rolls to her back again. She is starting to eat lots of different solids and takes a bottle a couple of times a day. Noelle loves to be tickled, gets kissed incessantly, and grabs for anything she can get her hands on. She especially loves my face and hair. She also uses her feet to explore stuff and has started grabbing her little toes. 

Noelle is still not very wiggly, so we can cuddle with her a lot. She is calm and many times I can hold her to sleep.  But let me tell you, she really does not like to have her nose cleaned and she will tell you in dretful tones.

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