Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Regional Church Ball

This past week was a sports week for me, and I am feeling it now. We had a Regional Stake basketball tournament for the Sandy/Draper area.  Our stake scraped together a team. We had never practiced together or anything, besides a couple of scrimmages with random ladies for a few weeks.  But man, when we got out there for the actual games, it was super competitive.  There were some tall chicks on those other teams. It is a very sad day when I have to play center because I am the tallest.

Heather, Tammy, Melissa, Amanda, me!

Still, I think we surprised people with how well we played. I think I surprised me, too. Our core team really knew how to play ball, even though we were a step slower than our younger years.  I actually think I am a much better baller now, because I am stronger and have more toughness. This probably comes from having 6 kids, 4 boys.

On Thursday, we won a squeaker against a very tall team. Somehow, we ended up on top by two points.  Therefore, we had a game on Friday. This team was even taller and better.  Unfortunately, we lost. However, they did not blow us out. That is for sure. I thought we were out. But it was a double-elimination tournament. Hence, another game was scheduled for Saturday. Three days in a row? Whew!  We played and we should have won. We were definitely better basketball players. However, we are old and we were just plain tired. I think the fight had petered out of us.

Still, I made some wonderful friends and had an amazing time rekindling the basketball girl in me.

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