Saturday, November 3, 2012

Girls Night Out With Miss J

It was a sad, but happy day today. The boys got pummeled in their football game, which is sad. But the football season is over!  Momma is happy about that!

After the game, I took Julia out for some girl time.  First, it was to the salon to get her hair cut.  It has been too tangly and annoying to take care of properly at her age. So we chopped it off to a more reasonable length.  Let me tell you, this girl loves to be pampered. She sat perfectly still as the hairdresser cut her hair.  I waited in the lobby.  Julia thoroughly enjoyed her time in the chair.

I told her to smile, and look at the face she gave me. This girl is unstoppable.

But what she really wanted was a manicure.  I am not the manicure type, but I figured...hey, why not?  But the nail salon was super busy.  There was no way I was going to wait an hour.  We did a little grocery shopping and I bought some manicure stuff for when we got home.  Julia was so excited.  

But before we went home, I took her out to eat. I have had so many  boys for so long, I have to learn how to do the girl thing.  I am so glad I have been blessed with a girly girl. As soon as dinner was done, she reminded me that she wanted her nails done.

Julia did really well being patient while I applied each one.

 This is one happy girl with her crazy nails.

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likeschocolate said...

I can't wait till Addy gets old enough for mommy girl time. Have a great week! Soccer ended for us to and I am so happy.

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