Sunday, November 11, 2012

An Ill-Timed Yawn

It has been a long week.  Rinar has been elk hunting since Monday. When we were in Europe he found out that he had drawn a bull elk tag. Apparently, this kind of tag is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  He has been so excited to go hunting. Lyf and Nordel went with him and he hired a guide to help track down an elk.

But things did not go as he had planned. Day after day he would call in and tell me the news: NO ELK.  It got a bit harry, so we really started praying that he would be able to fill his tag.  Saturday was pretty much the last day, and what do you know?  He did it.  Rinar killed a really big elk.  It is probably one of the hardest things he has ever done. It has been cold with lots of snow.  There was a whole lot of walking and not a lot of sleep.  I haven't seen him yet, but I am sure the guy is looking pretty haggard.

Rinar did not expect to be gone this long, so we had to make some adjustments at home.  The main one had to do with Stake Conference. Rinar was supposed to accompany Zach and Raef on a vioin/viola duet for the adult meeting last night.  That meant that I had to accompany them.  {deep exhale}  I could play the song, but I knew I was going to mess up.  I just know me.  Luckily my friend Larae offered to play it for me.  And that is a good thing because then I was able to watch and enjoy instead.

And here is the best part.  They played "I Know My Father Lives", "I Am a Child of God", and "O My Father".  In the middle of the second song, Zach (who was looking a little bored), did a huge yawn.  It was about the funniest thing ever.  In his defense, it was pretty late, right?

When it was done, President Farr had a couple of funny things to say. He didn't see the yawn but he did mention that the boys thought they were playing at the beginning of the program, instead of an hour into it.  He said that they had to sit through a talk about parenting and then get to hear the temple president swear (he had said hell a couple of times, in reference to the scriptures). It was pretty darn hilarious.

But the boys played an absolutely beautiful duet. There is so much more maturity and musical understanding in their performances these days. I think they are starting to get it.  It was just pretty darn cool.


Carolyn said...

An hour into stake conference? Sounds perfectly timed to me.

rayzee said...

Several people at today's session told me how much they enjoyed the boys' music. They did play beautifully. Congratulations on the elk!

Lindh Family said...

We already told you how well they did, it was pleasurable to listen to.

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