Saturday, November 17, 2012

Eagle Co-op Is Done

We wrapped up homeschool co-op on Thursday. It is really nice to be done. I was running out of clever ideas for my class.  Eli took a couple of classes this semester. He has graduated out of the preschool scene.  His first one was a manners class. They did a few skits for their finale and Eli played a rude boy who bumps into a girl and says, "Move it!"  I think this kid has a future on the stage. It was riveting!

I taught a class on Tudor England.  I made up an interactive game I think I will call The Spanish Armada.  It was a lot like Candyland, except a little more violent. Every time they landed on Spanish Armada they would all run around the room and then back to their seats. Many a time someone almost got trampled or did in fact, get trampled.  I was still working out the kinks, okay? Some squares awarded them with candy, a few involved push-ups, jumping jacks, diving under the table. It was VERY educational!

I snuck out the last few minutes of my class to see Eli once again performing with his music class. He was right there in the middle singing a song about Thanksgiving and Jesus. I loved it!

Raef and Zach were in non-performance type classes. Zach learned cooking, textile arts, and earth science. Raef had self-defense, study hall, and then my totally awesome history class. Julia and Harry graduated out of the kiddie room to the preschool room.  It was a great year.  We are looking forward to starting again in February. 

I asked the boys from my class what kind stuff we should do next year. Yes, my class is exclusively for boys about 10 years old.  They want to learn about modern warfare. Oh boy. I am really going to be tapping my dad's prodigious brain cells for good ideas in that arena. It should be interesting.

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