Sunday, July 22, 2012


We have been busy the last couple of weeks. So busy, I don't even know what I have been doing. I have continued my furniture repurposing rampage.  I need to take some more pictures and share. Let's just say, things are coming along in that department.

We have also resumed school studies, since we had missed many weeks with moving and traveling.  Raef and Zach are getting back on track with their academics and I am pleased to see the progress they continue to make.  Consequently, Rinar and I decided to hire some full-time help, as I realized that I was completely overwhelmed with everything I was trying to do.  I am only one person, and my middle name is not Gumby.  So, a couple of weeks ago Mary started coming. She is a nice retired lady who loves my kids and is super helpful. She is here about 18 hours a week, Monday through Wednesday.  It is like I can breathe again.

Rinar and I are going to run the St. George Marathon in October, so training is in full swing.  Mileage has been pretty low for the first little bit, but on Friday night I did 10 miles...on the treadmill!  You think I am crazy. Well, uh, yeah.  But it was really out of necessity.

Rinar took Raef and Zach and went to Utah to visit his family for an extended weekend. I had to get it done when the kids were asleep, since I did not have a babysitter.  It took one movie and 92 minutes to be on and off.  Hopefully, I can see more of the outdoors for future runs.

Today was eventful. I took my three little ones to church by myself. They were pretty rotten.  Whenever I leave, the kids are happy and well-behaved and the house is clean. I can admit it. Rinar is just better at this than I am.

We went to the park this evening for a farewell gathering for a few families in our ward.  I was just glad to get my kids out of the house for a couple of hours. Of course, it didn't matter that they all had gone to the bathroom right before we left. They had to go at the park, which has no bathroom at all. Sheesh.  After they settled in, they had a lot of fun getting some fresh air.

We were the last ones to leave, because I was prolonging the inevitable death-struggle of putting them to bed.  It ended up not being so bad.  But luckily for these three, they were able to fish out all of the M&M's from the trail mix bag right before we left.  Makes a mama proud.

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