Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Fourth

Another 4th of July has come and gone. Once again, we went to the church for a little parade.  There was a city firetruck there to lead our menagerie of bicycles, wagons, tricycles and scooters.  The kids have lots of fun and this year we made better time than last year. Eli is a lot faster on his tricycle and Rinar took the shortcut back to the church. We learned a lot from last year.

We had an extra member of the family for a couple of days. We dog-sat for the Lindsey's while they went camping.  I thought it would be a good idea to take her, Midnight,  to the parade for her walk. She did really well, except for when we were waiting to start and she bolted for another black lab and clotheslined all three of my little kids.  The leash was not locked and I did not react quickly enough. It was okay in the end and kind of funny. 

In the afternoon we had three families to our house for a 4th barbeque: the Rockwell's, Watson's, and Brereton's.  There were a million kids running around the house and it was tons of fun.  I had marinated some tri-tip for two days and it turned out super-delicious.  Like butter.  I must make it again sometime.

After our guests left, we headed down to Carson City to see the fireworks. Raef and Zach were both feeling sick and threw up a couple of times, but we thought we could get away with it.

When we arrived, Raef curled up on a blanket and fell asleep and Eli zonked out in the car.  Harry was in heaven. I brought his tricycle and he was riding it around everywhere. The huge smile never left his face.  Then right before the fireworks started, Zach started to feel yucky again.  Harry and Julia were loving the fireworks and Eli woke up once the show started. Harry clapped after every single one.  I am glad he savored what he saw, because after about 10 minutes, Zach begged us to go home and we did.  The little ones were a bit disappointed but they were okay.

It was still a great day, but when the 4th is on a Wednesday, it definitely makes for a very strange week.

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