Monday, July 2, 2012

Carson City Rendezvous

On June 9, we took the family to the Carson City Rendezvous. It was a fun little adventure for the whole family.  The Rendezvous was free and it was thoughtfully done.  The kids each got a passport where they could get stamps at the different stations, like Civil War, Native Americans, Railroad, Gunfighters, etc. There were many displays and things to do at each different area.
Here are some of the Union soldiers lining up at the Civil War camp.  There was a cannon here that they shot. BOOM!

Next to the Civil War area, was the Mountain Man stuff. It was super-cool.  They got to throw hand axes.  Even Rinar and I got in on the action.  I made all three of my axes stick into the wood.  Rinar only got one.  HA HA!  Boo-yeah.  Raef and Zach were in heaven...throwing dangerous weapons was encouraged. Where else can you do that?

At this station, it was bowie knives. Sweet.  I think these were a bit harder to stick to the wood. I wasn't about to try those and tarnish my perfect record.

There actually was a small train track set up for a hand operated train that you pump up and down. We were able to go with all the kids and they loved it.

Afterwards, we hit the food row and got a treat. Eli, Harry, and Julia were very happy.

Aside from the rotten Reno wind, it was a very fun day.  I need to remember to put this on my calendar for next year.

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