Saturday, November 12, 2011

This Is Exacto-ly What Happened

It is a good thing my friend Bonnie is staying here tonight. She came from Vegas for a flute competition and even brought her son Nikolas, so that he could play with his friends, including Raef and Zach. They have always been good buddies.

Anyways, we are hanging out, talking, catching up. You know, the whole bit. They are playing. We have settled down to watch a Hayley Mills movie (Moonspinners), when I hear a horrible, blood-curdling, well-amplified scream from Zach.  The sad thing is, I didn't even bother to get up out of my chair.  He does have a flair for the dramatics.  But then when Raef came running for me in a panic, I knew something was wrong.  

Blood everywhere!  

I got the boys a book called Mini-Weapons of Mass Destruction.  It is an awesome book, but it may have projects that include the use of an Exact-o knife.  So now my awesome book, that uses very inexpensive household items, all of a sudden, in one swift movement, became a very expensive book.  Zach tried to make a zombie target by himself.  It did not go so well.  He now knows that when he has to use an Exact-o knife, it would probably be better to do it with a parent.

So, Exacto-ly 3 hours, 5 stitches, and $150 later, I am home.


CraftyCanadian said...

Been there. Raised 4 kids (three of them boys, became very well acquainted with the emerg room at the local hospital) Hope he is feeling better this morning

likeschocolate said...

I love the movie Moon Spinners. I can't wait to watch all of Hayley Mills films with my daughter.

NormaKimokeo said...

Yikes!! Even the photo makes me cringe because it looks so painful! Poor thing... I'll bet that hinders his violin playing a little bit. :( Hope he heals well.

(Looks like the stitches Kamuela got as a 2-year-old when his finger got slammed into the HINGE side of a door. OUCH!)

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