Monday, November 28, 2011

My Cookie Monster

I started making cookies a few days ago. Eli became very interested. He pulled up a chair and stood there and watched me every step of the way.  Then he started helping me, by turning the mixer on and off.

When the dough was ready to be baked, he eagerly jumped from the chair and went to the utensil drawer. Eli pulled out the ice cream scooper and was ready to prep the dough for the oven.  He would scoop in deep to get the right amount of dough, then practically turn upside down trying to get it onto the tray. He could not be deterred.  I kept asking him if he wanted help, but he respectfully declined.  He did four trays of cookies.

Now, that is one productive cookie monster.


likeschocolate said...

He is one darling Cookie Monster!

Cynthia said...

What a cutie! Who doesn't love homemade cookies (and sneaking a little dough along the way)!

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