Saturday, November 5, 2011

My "Gus" the Mouse

Do you remember this little character?  It is Gus. He is the funny mouse on the Disney movie, "Cinderella". In one scene, Cinderella puts a bunch of chicken feed on the ground for her mice friends.  All the mice wisely take one or two kernels and get out of there. They have no desire to get eaten by Lucifer the Cat.  But not Gus. Nope. He tried to carry as many as he could. He kept stacking them until he was overloaded with kernels and they kept slipping from his grasp and falling to the floor. Over and over again he tried to take 20 instead of just one or two.  As a result, he almost got eaten by Lucifer.

Harry had his Gus moment tonight.  It was bedtime. I took Julia to her room and called for Harry to come on.  After a minute, I heard a heart-wrenching scream from Harry.  He was so frustrated, he was laying prostrate on the ground.  Then he regrouped and tried again only to scream out in agony once more. What in the world was the problem with him?  I went to investigate.  

He wanted to take every new animal toy I just bought him to bed. There were about twenty of them in all different sizes and shapes.  Harry kept picking them up and dropping them because there were just too many.  He is my little hoarder, the worst one I have had out of all of my children.  And here, his hoarding problem was painfully exposed.

Rinar and I just stood and watched him try to solve his problem.  Rinar recommended that I give him a bucket or something, but why spoil the fun?

(There were more toys than this. He was just pointing at one of the piles.)

And just like Gus, instead of getting one or two toys for his bed, he got none.

Just call me Lucifer, I guess.


Justin M. Bowen said...

Wow! He is getting so big. Love that story. I can totally picture it :)

Hoku said...

HAhahahahaa! Love it!

Cynthia said...

I feel like Gus and Harry! I'm always trying to carry too many things at once but life is so full of awesome ways to spend my time that I can't choose which to put down. Guess I need to learn to focus on just one or two 'toys' at a time too!

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