Sunday, November 13, 2011

Seriously Perfect Pitch

I am so utterly amazed at Zach tonight. I cannot believe this kid.  

I decided to test his musical ear, and it was absolutely astounding. He stood with his back to the piano. I would play a random note and then he would guess what it was.  I could not stump him, except when the note was over two octaves above middle c.  It was amazing. Then he told me to play two notes at a time. If it was a pretty common chord, he could easily tell me the notes. If the chord was disonant, he could get at least one of the notes.

Where did this child come from?  

Since Rinar's mom is a piano teacher and wonderful musician, I thought we had to play the game with her.  We called her and put the phone on speaker.  She played her piano and he guessed the notes.  He only missed one!  Each time she would play a note, I would watch his face.  Before he would answer, his face would light up so you just know he is totally going to get it right.  And he did.

I don't know what this kid will do with his musical talents, but I am just blown away by what he can do.


Cynthia said...

It sounds like you already have some idea of what to do- cultivate it! It's so fun to discover our kids and find their talents and gifts then help them to see them.

I have terrible pitch and have no musical talent whatsoever. I wish I did. Luckily my twins are showing some significant talent thanks to the genes from their Dad. Whew.

NormaKimokeo said...

That is INCREDIBLE!!! WOW!! I think that is so cool..... Add it to the list of amazing things about your family! XOXO

Hoku said...

Incredible! I don't know anyone else with perfect pitch! He's amazing!

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