Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Trip to Winter Wonderland

After Christmas, we had a whole week to just do stuff. Rinar and I decided to go up to Salt Lake City for a few days. On the way, we stopped at Cove Fort. It was really cold and snowy. The babies had a lot of fun walking around after sitting in the car for a couple of hours. We tried to put a coat on Eli. This put him in an extremely foul mood. He did not want to have anything to do with that coat. You would have thought we were trying to put a strait-jacket on him. Forget the fact that it was 25 degrees outside, with a bit of a wind chill. He just had his dad carry him and be his coat for him.


NOOOO!!! Not a coat!  NOOOOO!!!!

Hmmm...guess I will cry too.
Make that three.  A trio is always better than a duet.
It was time to go! 

 Then we headed up to Melanie's house. They have a cute little house and the kids had a ball playing in their backyard, even though it was cold outside. The boys also put on a little concert and the kids danced around. It was a cute moment.

That night I met up with Catye, Jamie, and his soon to be new family. I left Rinar back at the hotel with the babies. They were uber-tired.  It was really cold but the lights were beautiful.

The Buckmaster crew, plus me and my kids.

The next day we went to the children's museum. As we were waiting in line to get, Zach started maling Julia with a barrage of kisses.  I told him to stop and he ignored me so I kicked  him. No, it wasn't hard at all. It was too get his attention. But the funny thing is that there were lots of good Mormon moms standing behind me and I could see that one of them was completely appalled at my disciplining techniques. In actuality, I was appalled that she didn't kick her kids, to be honest. I kept seeing her throughout the museum and the eyeroll that accompanied our encounters. I guess I am lucky I am not in jail, right?

Rinar took the babies to the hotel for a nap and the rest of us hit Trax and went to the Church museum and then me and the boys continued on to the U to see the Natural History Museum.

They enjoyed it but they especially liked the blizzard we had to trudge through to get back to the train and then to the hotel. I really needed a hat! But the boys had a blast.

On our way home we stopped at the mall in Provo. They played on the playground and rode the train.

Our last little foray was the narrows in St. George. Rinar and I couldn't fit through them, but Raef, Zach, and Eli went all the way to the top.

While we were in St. George we also spent an entire day (10 hours) playing games with our friends Kristen and Brian L. They used to be our neighbors in Salt Lake and Rinar went to high school with Brian. It was really fun.

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