Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh, How Far They Have Come

Well, my kids keep marching on with violin and viola. I think this was their best recital yet. They both played really well.  It is interesting and I have probably talked about this before but I am amazed at the journey we have taken together.

It didn't seem that long ago that my kids first picked up a violin. They were 4 1/2 years old. Zach could only hold it in playing position about 2 minutes and then he was wiped out, crumpled over. Raef had a very short attention span and it was difficult to get through all of our practice tasks successfully. There were many times when I seriously considered quitting, but we just kept trudging on week after week.

Then when I sat there and listened to them play their pieces with the accompanist, I was overwhelmed. I couldn't believe how far they have come. They can both play an instrument beautifully. I seriously almost cried.

Here you go...

1 comment:

Hoku said...

That WAS amazing!!! And to have it all memorized?! You've got a couple kiddie geniuses on your hands. Seriously. Good job, Kelly.

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