Monday, January 17, 2011

My New Favorite Thing

Today I cleaned my house. I did it with a wet cloth and a dry cloth. It was friggin' awesome. I didn't use sprays of any kind and my house is sparkling clean. I. Love. It.

I went to one of those home parties last week and learned about this company called Norwex. They are Canadian and they have this microfiber cloth that is magic. It kills bacteria because of the silver it has in it...something like that.  I could get all technical on you but the important thing is that it works!  I am not the best housekeeper, but I feel empowered with this little rag.  

From now on, I am keeping it in my back pocket as I walk about my house during the day. When I see something, I will take just a minute to wipe it up. I won't need to get multi-purpose spray or windex from some obscure location.  I'll just wipe it down and I am done.  Isn't that a beautiful thing?

You may be wondering why I am writing about this on my blog. It is because I am in love with this thing. I don't sell it. I am getting nothing out of it by blogging about it. But I just figure that if it is making me this happy, I want everyone else to be as happy as I am. 

They have other products that I am excited to get my hands on in the future. But for now, I have my lovely yellow cloth and pink drying towel and I am going to RULE THE WORLD.

I cleaned the entire bathroom, mirrors, doors, tabletops, counters, floors, the piano, cabinets...need I go on?  And the cloth doesn't smell. 

As soon as I get my cleaning paste, I am tackling my recalcitrant stove top and other difficult spots that have plagued me for years. I am not worried. I know that I shall overcome.

I am going to host a party at my house on January 27th, and I am looking forward to sharing this wonderful marvel with all of my friends. It is my gift to humanity.

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Keri said...

The rags are amazing! I love cleaning with them too and saving, oh, so much time!!

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