Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Artist

Eli has shown a propensity to doing art. He will actually sit down and colors for 30-40 minutes without stopping. I didn't realize boys were capable of doing this kind of thing. Zach never even picked up a crayon until he had turned 5. Raef was not much better. But Eli actually likes to put pen to paper, if you will.
So today we did an art project. Raef and Zach are still working on theirs, but I thought I would share Eli's creation with everyone. He did a great job. I picked out the colors and helped him a little bit, but he definitely had ideas on how he wanted it done. I would make a suggestion and he would ignore me.

I love this little guy. It was a good moment today.

1 comment:

granma and papa said...

you know, Kelly, grandparents day is somewhere this fall? Even neighborly grandparent types enjoy the are of such a beautiful boy!

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