Saturday, September 25, 2010

Harry Reid is an Extremist

**Caution, I am getting political here, so don't read if this in not your thing!**

Frankly, I am fed up with all of the commercials and internet ads claiming that Sharron Angle is an extremist.  So I am going to turn this around people.

Harry Reid is an extremist!

He is so busy making wild and unfounded accusations against Sharron Angle because the only extremist in this race is him. 

Let's look at this objectively...

Since Harry Reid is the Senate Majority Leader, this means he is a very powerful man in Washington, D.C. He is responsible for controlling the agenda of the chamber by scheduling debates and votes.  That means that he decides whatever the Senate is actually doing, debating, and voting on. This begs the question...what has the senate been doing since 2006 when Harry Reid became the majority leader?


The biggest thing going on in this sector is something called cap and trade.  It is confusing, but basically what it means is that if this bill passes or any form of this bill, the federal government will have immense taxing power over energy, manufacturing, and even the power usage in your own house.  Companies will only be allocated so much polluting power and if they exceed the amount of CO2 they emit, they have to pay extra to the federal government.  Supposedly, that extra money will go to companies that don't exceed their polluting limit. Yet I fail to see how much of that money will actually go from one business to another without a lot of it being ciphoned off by the federal government.

Harry Reid and the Democrats don't actually have any kind of plan for building any new sources of power, but they will just punish you with excessive taxes if you exceed federal limits.  Who decides what those limits are?  How does an excessive tax actually keep the environment clean?

 Do you think that in this kind of hostile business environment companies will actually invest in new manufacturing here in America? No way!  But India, China, Vietnam, etc. will gladly open their doors to the newest American widget maker. Hence, say goodbye to jobs and hello to oppressively higher taxes.

I think this plan is nuts and it is contrived by the extreme left of this country, people that we used to call communists.

I know this is a simple explanation but the basic principles are correct.

I will always stand by the fact that using a tax as a punishment to modify people's behavior is just plain wrong. Hey, I don't smoke and I can't stand the smell of it. However, smokers should not be punished with excessive taxes because they do.  It doesn't get them to stop smoking. I used to work in a gas station, so I know this is true.  However, the excessive taxes are addicting to politicians. The money starts rolling in and they find all sorts of ways of using it, ways that are not in line with what they original promised to do with it. Politicians become addicted to all that dough. It is just too enticing.

And now Harry Reid wants to create an enormous heroin-esque cash flow from energy taxes.  Yikes!  They are already dripping from power and we are going to give them more of it?

Harry Reid is an extremist. This is appalling.


In 2007, Harry Reid said that the "War is lost."  This was during the surge.  Guess what, buddy? The surge worked and you were just plain wrong!  I think it is extreme to be this negative, as a powerful national leader, while we have troops in harms way. You may disagree with me, but I stand by our troops. 

He was wrong. He should say so, but he won't.  Because his only agenda was to attack and hate George W. Bush. As long as he got a political advantage from bashing the troops and the war effort, then why should he care?

It makes me want to throw up.  No honor. Such an embarrassment.


Just this past month, Harry Reid decided to do one of his tricky Senate Majority leader thingeys and stick a controversial amendment on to a necessary defense spending bill. Wasn't this the guy who berated Pres. Bush for not equipping soldiers properly and giving them the necessary items they needed to win a war so that the war wouldn't be lost?

What was the controversial amendment?  Oh, it had to do with giving amnesty to illegal immigrants. If you are a young person and attend college or join the military, you can get citizenship.  Isn't this classy of Harry Reid?  The guy who is in a close re-election campaign in a state where illegal immigration is a major problem?  I know it is a problem. I drive down my street and see 50 of them standing in front of Star Nursery looking for work.  Harry Reid is probably salivating over them.

"New voters. That will be just what I need to get the lead I need over Sharron Angle.  Screw those troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and the equipment they need to win a war. I would hold that money hostage so that I can get those extra votes to keep my place on my throne.", Harry thinks to himself.

This is extreme: using important and necessary spending bills to promote your own personal agenda.


I am really not going to delve into this too much because I get too angry about it.  But I am going to bring up a few points.

First of all, there is no way in hell the United States of America can afford this monstrosity.  Great Britain can't afford it, Canada is in shambles over it...

Second, now that the government is responsible for your healthcare, just like they efficiently issue you drivers licenses at the DMV, they will be able to tell you what to do on so many levels. Hey, you can't have french fries! They are cooked in oil. That will make you fat. If you are fat, you will be unhealthy, which means you will be using the healthcare system too much. Therefore, we, your loving government will now punish anyone who wants to eat french fries. We will tax it really high so that you won't eat french fries anymore. And all of that money will go to pay for healthcare...of course!

Where does it stop?  Think it can't happen? Wrong. Take a look at this headline.

Third, I am absolutely opposed to abortion. I think it is an abomination and I am not afraid to declare it and yell it from the mountain tops.  I vehemently stand behind that statement. It is not a is a baby!  Because of the passive manner in which the shoddy healthcare law was written, abortion will be covered with taxpayer money. If not immediately, it will be in the long run.  This bill was shoved down our throats by an extremist, Harry Reid.  He is a Mormon, supposedly.  And as a Mormon, I am telling you that you cannot be a Mormon in good conscience and support abortion.  Now, Harry Reid can conveniently sit back and say that he does not believe in abortion personally or support it. But by supporting this bill and being actively engaged in enacting Obamacare, he is supporting abortion.  So he is a hypocrite.

Fourth, considering the fact that healthcare is a huge sector of our economy, I unequivocally declare that it is an extreme act to vote on a final bill that was 1502 pages in length of convoluted legalese nonsense, with lots of goodies for individual states, in a matter of hours.  That is what happened.  It took me two weeks of active reading to finish Anna Karenina and that is a difficult read.  Who read the actual bill?  What was in the bill?  


Harry Reid is the extremist, not Sharron Angle.


In October 2007, Harry Reid made a deceitful smear speech against Rush Limbaugh. This was based on a specious argument that Rush had called soldiers phony. It was taken out of context. Rush Limbaugh was talking about a specific "soldier" who had made horrible accusations against American troops in Iraq who had committed supposed war crimes. The media just loved it. The problem was that the guy had never actually served in the military. He was a phony soldier.  An extremist website called Media Matters purposefully took his comments out of context and Harry Reid couldn't wait to use it to smear Rush Limbaugh and attempt to get him fired, in essence silencing a powerful voice for the conservative movement.

Here is a man that just months before had brazenly declared that the war was lost and now he is accusing a man with a stellar record of defending the military, with doing the exact thing he had done. The problem is that Harry Reid actually holds a position of power and he said horrible things about the military and Rush Limbaugh is a private citizen who can say whatever he wants to say, even though he never said it.

Harry Reid wrote a letter, which 41 senators signed, denouncing Rush Limbaugh in the hopes of getting him fired and sent it to the president of ClearChannel. Rush fought back and put the letter on eBay for an auction and ended up getting $2.1 million for it, all of which went to a military charity he has been involved with for many years.  

What was the weasel's reaction to this embarrassment?

He makes it seem like he was a part of this. What a liar. What a hypocrite.  He is so full of himself.  He never apologizes for what he did and the smear he attempted on Rush Limbaugh. It is like he is the reason all that money was raised. How much money did you donate, Harry Reid?  The weasel. What a weasel.  And a bully.

It shows you what kind of integrity he has, which is pretty much none.

Harry Reid is an extremist.

In conclusion, if you are privileged enough to live in the great state of Nevada and get to vote in the senatorial race...please vote for Sharron Angle.  If you don't like Sharron Angle, then please just don't vote for Harry Reid.


Sharron is a proponent of cutting taxes and has never voted for a tax increase. 

Lower taxes = freedom.

Sharron is a strong supporter of the military.

Strong military = freedom

Sharron wants to strengthen our border security. She believes in protecting life. She wants local school districts to have the power, not the federal government, which could care less about your kids. 


Smaller government means more freedom. I love freedom.  I choose freedom. This is NOT an extreme idea.  This is an idea that created this wonderful, magnificent country.

Sharron Angle will promote freedom.  Harry Reid will promote himself and his own agenda.



Rachel said...

Thank you. I don't live in NV but Reid scares me. I really hope America votes the way the poles are showing. I am also really grateful for your home-schooling posts. I only have toddlers right now but am planning to continue to home-school them. I really enjoy your blog, thank you!

Meridy said...

Amen, Kelly!

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