Friday, September 3, 2010

One Proud Mama!

Zach is really growing up. He now needs glasses, as he is pretty blind. I felt an urgency to get glasses for him since he is in a city orchestra with Raef. They had their first official practice yesterday. It is a great organization. There are four levels and the boys are in the ensemble, which is only string instruments. The highest level is a full orchestra of high school students and they actually get to go on a tour next year to China. Cool, huh? They do a big trip every 3 years so that every kid can have a chance to go.

They seat the kids according to how they ranked them in their audition. The auditions were tough. There was a standard piece you prepared for the audition and then when you were done with that, they had you sight-read something. Parents were not allowed into the audition room, so I had no idea how they had done on anything.

We found out yesterday. Raef was #1! He did the best on the audition for violas. There are never enough violas, but regardless, he is by far the youngest violist in the group. All the other ones look like they are middle school aged. He looks so little compared to all the other kids, but I am sure that won't last long.

Zach was also seated. In a group of about 30 violins, he was #2, first violin! He gets to sit in the front. I was really surprised because there was so much competition. But one thing about him is that he is an excellent sight-reader, so in a way I am not surprised. He just attacks it.
So here is one proud mama who had to take a minute and brag about the kiddos. Thanks for bearing with me on this.
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