Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our Family Heirloom

After years of searching for the perfect painting for my wall, I found this on a whim at an art show in St. George at Dixie State College. We just happened to go in before a play and there it was. I thought it was so beautiful and it was just the kind of painting that I wanted to go in the center of my home so that my kids and anyone else could see it everyday. It cannot be missed. I want my children to know that Christ is the center of our lives and a part of everything we do.
This is an original painting by Dan Lewis. He studied under Del Parsons, I believe. I don't know anything about him and there is nothing on the web, except for what I have linked to from the Joseph Smith Manual for this year. It has been hanging in our home for about a year now. The problem was that no one really noticed it because it was not illuminated. Well, our kind friend Mike the electrician, from our ward came and did a side job for us and now it is something that cannot be missed. It has emerged from oscurity. I love this painting and it is a prized possession; our first family heirloom.

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