Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Rinar took the boys to the Father/Son's campout at Lee Canyon. They were really excited and had a fun time. I had fun having a relatively quiet house. It was nice.

On Friday, Eli found his adorable!!

Today was a pleasant day. I didn't have to go to Ward Council because all meetings were cancelled due to Mother's Day. My kids woke me up this morning and I walked downstairs accompanied by Raef while Zach serenaded me on his violin, playing "I am a Child of God". They had made me a very large omelet and then Rinar had bought me a digital picture frame. There were a lot of cute pictures in it.

At church I spent all of Sacrament Meeting in the hallway either feeding Eli or walking him around due to his cute cute fussiness. My arms were exhausted when it was done because he is heavy. He is over 16 lbs now! And of course I couldn't sit, no, no! "Walk me around, Mommy or I'll cry!"

In Primary I had to be the hall monitor policeman. Two kids were rebelling and wandering the hallways. One of them was easy. I just got the papa and the problem was solved. The other one was not so cut and dry because his Dad is in Primary. So I spent about 1 hour with this kid in the hall, outside, in the men's bathroom. Finally, I got his Mom and it seemed to work out okay.

After that, I taught the Nursery kids and decided to use Eli as part of the lesson. The only problem was that he was asleep so I foolishly used him anyways and shockingly enough, Eli was awoken by the little munchkins in nursery. So, then Rinar was walking the halls for the second hour. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but I sure got a lot of exercise.

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Lindsay said...

Your boys are all getting so big!

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