Thursday, May 15, 2008

Confessions of a Shrill and Witchy Mom...

Is it possible to spend too much time with your kids? I have come to this conclusion...


I think I am sick of them. They are sick of me. They are sick of each other. We need a break from each other.

Tomorrow I am going to an open house for a private school. I hope it goes well because sending them away for 6 hours a day, 4 days a week is sounding more and more appealing every day. I always promised myself that if I didn't think I could hack it with them or if I felt they were getting short-changed then I would not hesitate to put them in school. The time has come. I yell at them all the time and I have an incredibly short fuse. They don't even listen to me because I am always yapping at them. I wouldn't listen to me either. So, I really can't blame them. Plus there are just way too many hours in a day, if you ask me. Also, Rinar travels a lot now with his job so I am really with them all the time.

With that said, I think I could probably still handle it just fine. However, throw an adorable little baby into the mix and I am a mess, plain and simple.

(My husband just saw this blog and he rolled his eyes at me!)

I am kind of hoping that with a good two year break or so, I might be re-energized to homeschool them again. Then again, I might like it so much that I will never go back. Who can really say?

Is there anything you want to confess?

Contrary to popular belief (hahaha), I don't have it all together, I can be a really mean person (which I absolutely despise about myself), and sometimes I really want to kill my kids.

But please give me some credit: I put my adorable kids into timeout and in a short span of 3 minutes (yes, I had a stopwatch and it was almost exactly 3 minutes), Zach was able to murder my adorable rooster that I had searched for for at least a year. Yep, it was on my end table looking all cute as anything and he was doing flips and knocked it over. So, Lindsay I can relate to the whole serving dish lid getting destroyed. Today I lost a special family member of the domesticated farm variety, and I didn't even get mad. I didn't blow my top, scream at him, nothing. I just said...
That was my favorite rooster.


Lindsay said...

It's always sad when pretty things shatter.

I admire you for sticking with the homeschooling for as long as you did! I love Garrett, and I'll love our future kids, too, but man, when they turn 5, it's out the door to kindergarten with them. I actually think that both parties (parents and kids) benefit greatly from going to school, whether public or private. There are just some social skills you can't develop at home. Hope you find them a good school!

Creamer Family said...

Kelly, you said what I haven't been honest enough to blog about. All moms have their "witchy" moments, or days and you are real enough to admit it. Good luck finding the right school for your boys. You will find yourself in a whole new world of school-related busyness!

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