Monday, January 11, 2016

A Nice Visit From Some Old Friends

I played hooky from Julia's school today to be able to get stuff done at home. I am super glad that I did. I really killed it with homeschool today. We even did science, with a science experiment and everything! Now that says everything right there.

This evening Kristin L. and her kids came over tonight for dinner. Her husband Brian was working and did not come. It was great to be able to visit. Her 4 children are all about the same age as all of ours and they get along really well, almost too well. Zach has a big crush on her daughter Izzy and the feeling is definitely mutual.Yikes!

Kristin needed a safe place to come and talk about some of her troubles right now, which are pretty epic. My heart aches for her. I just hope she can find the peace that she needs and the answers to prayers on some hard choices she is going to have to make. It is so true that you should never judge anyone. You never know what mountain they are trying to climb.

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